Special Analyzer - Shelters
Forbes Marshall Modcon Analyzer Houses are versatile enough to accommodate virtually any combination of required analyzers, sample conditioning systems and analyzer management systems.

Forbes Marshall Modcon provides complete integrated analyzer systems and all related services from initial engineering through manufacturing, testing and field start-up. Analyzer systems are normally supplied installed in the special Analyzer Houses including air-conditioning, power distribution, lighting, termination and junction boxes, gas and flame detection, relevant piping and wiring.

Process sample probes and sample transport lines designed to ensure representative and rapid sampling, avoiding a possibility of contamination or dead volume. Sample Conditioning systems to provide the sample in a state and condition compatible to the measurement technique used by analyzers. Sample recovery systems, stream selection facilities, telephone modem connections, furniture, special equipment and tools, etc.

One team of specialists manages your project from start to finish. Forbes Marshall Modcon's staff has extensive experience with virtually every type of process analyzer, as well as with various forms of housings such as stainless steel or fiberglass buildings, galvanized-steel buildings, cabinets and racks. Years of in-plant experience guarantee the best available technology in your system designs.