Marshall B Series Industrial Boilers (1000-5000kg/hr)

Oil and Gas Boiler – 1 TPH to 5 TPH – Marshall B
Thousands of Forbes Marshall three-pass wetback industrial boilers are generating steam in plants all over India, the Gulf, Africa and South East Asia. These boilers provide the driest steam possible from the least amount of fuel & floor space. The true three pass fully wetback design ensures low flue exit temperatures resulting in high thermal efficiency.

Our boilers are designed for easy maintenance and inspection. Hinge – mounted front doors and rear lift-off doors give you clear and instant access. Every Marshall B Boiler is manufactured with the latest submerged arc fabrication technology to ISO 9001, IBR standards. Every boiler is a complete packaged unit.


Boiler Capacity- 1 ton/hr. to 5 ton/hr. (1000-5000 kg/hr.)
Standard Working Pressure- 10.55, 14.5 & 17.5 kg/cm2 (g)
Fuel- FO, LDO, Natural Gas, BioGas
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Truly Packaged- Pre-Wired, Skid Mounted and Pre-insulated

Compact Design- Less Floor Space required, Helps keep radiation losses lower, No requirement of heavy civil foundation

Specially developed pressure jet monobloc burner- Takes care of practical aspects of maintenance, the only company in India offering monobloc design, a preferred burner worldwide              
Boiler & Burner – Same design source- Design source for boiler and burner are same, Optimum flame configuration hence enhanced furnace life

Easy access to working parts- Ease of inspection & Maintenance