Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter - Ecomag
Flowmeter to measure the volumetric flow rate of electrically conductive liquids.
 It has Smooth inner tube and  no pressure loss.
Reliable expert for all industrial applications and measurement for process liquids.
It has easy, quick and low cost of installation.
It has a PTFE Liner, rugged and proven design & absolutely maintenance free.
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  • No moving parts inside
  • No additional pressure drop
  • Ideal for hydrostatic transport
  • No wear no tear
  • High reliability
  • High chemical resistance due to the liner
  • Long lifetime even with aggressive and abrasive liquids
  • Useful for measurement of sludges, slurries
  • Dosing of flocculents and other additives
  • The magnetic field is present throughout the flowmeter.
  • Each flow string is within the magnetic field.
  • Excellent averaging of the flow profile allover the complete pipe section.
  • Reduced effect of the velocity profile onto the measuring accuracy
  • Short upstream straight section required
  • Good accuracy also when confronted with unfavourable installation conditions.
  • No point or single beam measurement = never a one point measurement can represent the total flow in a pipe.
  • Wet calibration = function control and correction factor.

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