Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter - Aquamag
Primary Head for Water and Waste Water Measurements.
It is a reliable expert for water and wastewater measurement, easy ,quick and low cost of installation.
It has a hard rubber liner, rugged and proven design & absolutely maintenance free.
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  • No moving parts inside
  • Nothing can be caught
  • Same diameter as mating pipe
  • No additional pressure drop
  • Ideal for hydrostatic transport
  • No moving parts
  • No wear no tear
  • High reliability
  • High chemical resistance due to the liner
  • Long lifetime even with aggressive and abrasive liquids
  • Well proven for the measurement of sludges, slurries
  • Dosing of flocculents and other additives
  • The magnetic field is present throughout the flowmeter.
  • Each flow string is within the magnetic field.
  • Each flow string generates with its individual velocity gives a share Es to the signal voltage E.
  • Excellent averaging of the flow profile allover the complete pipe section.
  • Reduced effect of the velocity profile onto the measuring accuracy
  • Short upstream straight section required.
  • Good accuracy also when confronted with unfavourable installation conditions.
  • No point or single beam measurement = never a one point measurement can represent the total flow in a pipe.
  • Wet calibration = function control and correction factor.

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