Optimass 7000

Mass Flow Meter - Optimass 7000
OPTIMASS 7000 is the only sensor for mass flow with a straight measuring tube that is available in Hastelloy®, titanium or stainless steel. OPTIMASS 7000 reliably measures mass flow, density, volume, temperature, mass or volume concentration as well as solids content.


  • Secondary pressure containment around sensor.
  • Easily drained and easy to clean.
  • Regardless of type of installation and external factors.
  • Excellent zero stability.
  • Low energy consumption, low operating and installation costs.
  • Rapid signal processing even with product and temperature changes and sudden changes in density.
  • Modular electronics concept: electronics and sensor easy to replace.
  • Data redundancy: accurate plug & play replacement of electronics.
Benefits Applications Technical Doc
  • The measurement is not affected by properties of

    • Electrical conductivity

    • Flow profile

  • Reactions are mass-balanced

    • Increases reproducibility

  • One flow meter allows multiple measured values

    • Mass flow & mass total

    • Density & concentration

    • Volume flow & volume total

    • Temperature

  • Reduces costs

Reduce cables/power consumption

    • Increases accuracy/efficiency

    • Simplified control

    • Higher Safety Factor

    • Low maintenance

  • Easy to install & operate

  • Highly accurate


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