Ultrasonic Flow Meters - ALTOSONIC-5
• Suitable for all flow regimes, no Reynolds limitation • Integrated gas detection • Significantly easier to be proved using small volume provers • The ALTOSONIC product line for fluids has established itself as the standard in multi-beam custody transfer flow metering.
Features Industries Applications
• All fluids and no Reynolds restriction - Widest certified turndown - Guaranteed performance in all flow regimes (laminar, transition and turbulent) - Bi-directional flow measurement • Proven long-term stability - No moving parts - Longest installed base (1996 - present) - No unscheduled downtime due to transducer failure since introduction • Small footprint - Short inlet run - Short installation height • Entrained gas detection (Full Pipe Guarantee) - Dedicated diagnostic path - Permanent diagnostics • Compact prover compliance (SVP)

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