Ultrasonic Flow Meters - UFM 530HT
Dual beam ultrasonic flowmeter for high-temperature refined products.

UFM 530 HT is a dual beam ultrasonic flow meter for crudes and a broad range of refined products, that are processed under extreme conditions (high temperature / high pressure).
The UFM 530 HT with its robust industrial construction performs with minimum operational – and maintenance costs, due to a solid fully welded construction without any moving parts and hence no wear.
UFM 530 HT is a combination of a UFS 500 HT flow sensor and a UFC 030 signal converter. The UFC 030 signal converter is installed separately from the high temperature UFS 500 HT flow sensor.


• Major performance using digital signal processing (DSP).
• Excellent long term stability and reliability.
• No moving or intruding parts.
• Maintenance free and without need for periodic recalibration.
• Robust construction, resistant to corrosive and abrasive products.
• Dual parallel paths for Reynolds independency.
Product Benefits Applications Technical Documentation
  1. Non intrusive

  2. No moving parts
    - no wear
    - no pressure loss
    - no clogging

  3. Fluid properties have no effect on performance

  4. For conductive and non-conductive mediums

  5. High accuracy over wide measuring range

  6. High turndown ratio
    Starts measuring from zero flow

  7. Bi-directional

  8. Long lifetime and high reliability

  9. No wear ; no recalibration needed

  10. Accurate bi-directional flow measurement

  11. Universal application ; for (non)conductive liquids

  12. Integrated diagnostic functions


    • no insertions

    • same diameter (DN) as pipeline

    • no internal moving parts


    • no clogging

    • no pressure loss

    • no wear, no recalibration

    • bi-directional measurement

    • long lifetime & high reliability

Easy to engineer

Easy to install

Easy to operate & maintain


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