DW 184

Flow Switches - DW 184
DW 184 for DN 150 upwards flange connection.

Flow switches are used for visual and/or electrical checking
of liquid flow. The units are of rugged, glandless construction, and are
available in several versions to suit a wide variety of industrial flow
monitoring applications.

DW 184 (standard)

  • mounting type for horizontal pipelines (DN = 250, 10”).
  • mounting flange DN 150 / PN 16, 6”, 150 lb.
  •  indicator G.
  • 1 or 2 electrical limit switches.
  • measuring system P.
Product Benefits Applications Technical Documentation
  1. Low cost.

  2. Easy to install.

  3. Relatively low maintenance required.

  4. Reliable and trouble free operation.

  5. We can supply flow switch with maximum temperature upto 300 degree Celsius.

  6. Simple mechanical device which is used mainly for flow indication and switching applications.


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