OPTIMASS 6000 with MFC 400

Combined with the power of the MFC 400, the OPTIMASS 6000 will provide accurate measurement of volume, mass, density and concentration. A high level of performance, together with a wide operating temperature range up to 400°C / 752°F, makes the OPTIMASS 6000 the ideal choice for mass flow measurement in a wide variety of applications. Designed to meet the requirements of general purpose liquid and gas applications, the extended low temperature range of 200°C / -328°F also makes the 6000 suitable for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and cryogenic applications.
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• Innovative twin V-tube design
• Temperature range -200°C to +400°C
• Optional insulation / heating jacket
• Compact envelope
• Optimised flow divider for minimum pressure loss
• Modular electronics concept: electronics and sensor are easy to     replace
• Self draining when mounted vertically
• Stability with entrained gas, even with gas concentrations 0...100%