MFC 010 C Converter

MFC 010 C Converter
The EtherNet/IPTM interface box is used to provide a seamless connection between a mass flowmeter and an EtherNet/IPTM network. The EtherNet/IPTM interface box enables the scanner of the EtherNet/IPTM network to control the field device.
Features Industies Technical Documents
• Integrated switch for line and ring topology
• Support of Device Level Ring (DLR) for redundancy
• Password protected web server to facilitate configuration and diagnosis of the device
• Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) available for convenient deployment
• Add-On Instruction (AOI) available for use in Rockwell environments
• 2 EtherNet/IPTM ports with
    - Support for Beacon-based DLR and linear network topology
    - Galvanically isolated bus electronics
    - 10/100 Mbit, full/half duplex operation
• Choice of two pre-defined sets of input data
• Modbus RTU port with configurable termination and polarisation
• Web server with field device specific user interface
    - Status information
    - Access to all parameters of the flowmeter
    - Calibration procedures
    - Settings page
    - Diagnostic information