Sample Cooler

Sample Cooler : IBR / CRN approved sample coolers
In a SWAS (Steam & Water Analysis System) package Sample Coolers are used to cool the sample to the required temperature conditions. It is one of the most critical components of a Sampling System. The design of these coolers needs to meet high level safety standards. We provide extra safety with our coolers such as built in shell relief valve. This is in line with ASME PTC 19.11(rev.2008) recommendations. We are perhaps the only company providing this in-built feature, as we believe 'safety cannot be OPTIONAL'! These coolers are designed in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Div.1. For specific applications we can offer IBR / CRN approved sample coolers, for aggressive environments (high chloride content), we can offer Inconnel coils in our sample coolers.
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1. In-built safety relief valve to prevent accidents in the field in case of an (unlikely) event of coil failure. This kind of failure may occur due to chloride attack & stainless steel fails under this attack. It is always advisable to therefore have a built-in shell relief valve for operator safety. There have been cases of accidents for not having taken care of this aspect

2. Coils with double helix shape for more heat exchange

3. Counter flow technique of the sample and the cooling water, which ensures that the sample & cooling water flow in opposite direction, thus resulting in effective cooling of the sample

4. Sample coils made of SS-316 and shell made of SS-304, which is best, suited for normal cooling water conditions. If the chloride content in the cooling water is above 35 ppm, other coil materials are also available such as Monel / Inconnel etc.

5. An association with the IIT of over a decade for calculating and testing the performance, heat calculations and efficiency of our sample coolers. Sample cooler performance is validated by IIT – Powai / Kharagpur

6. We can offer IBR approved sample coolers as well, as our facilities are approved by IBR

7. The DHx series design which incorporates design suggestions given by IIT, is better in terms of cooling water consumption, which is great saving for the user

8. Sample coils that are easy to replace, as they are not welded to the top flange. This also provides easy maintenance of the cooler. With the presence of a drain plug at the bottom of the cooler, flushing out of cooling water and cleaning the cooler is effective and easy