High Pressure Regulator

High Pressure Regulator
The Forbes Marshall Piston type pressure regulator provides pressure reduction of high pressure samples. It also provides regulated output pressure irrespective of fluctuations in the upstream pressure conditions. This helps in providing stable pressure and flow conditions of sample going to on-line analyzers, something which is not possible with traditional pressure reducers.

The output pressure can be set anywhere between 0 to 10 Kg/Cm2 depending on the field requirement. This regulator is specially designed for high pressure above 100 kg/cm2. It can be used for first stage pressure reduction in high pressure application.
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The High Pressure Regulator is far superior than  conventional Pressure Reducers, as the latter doesn't provide for regulation. As per GDCD code 234, Sample Pressure Regulation shall be achieved by using a staineless steel pressure regulating device located in the system after the sample cooler. It shall be rated for maximum inlet pressure equivalent to that at the sampling point and shall be capable of adjustment for outlet pressures to required levels. We offer Piston Type High Pressure Regulator which provides pressure reduction as well as regulation. This feature is crucial for ensuring steady sample conditions for analysis. This pressure regulator is a perfect solution to high pressure applications including the Super Critical Power Plant applications.

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