Pressure Regulator

Sampling System - Pressure Regulator
An important aspect of sample conditioning lies in making suitable provisions to ensure that the analysers can never be subjected to a pressure higher than the safe limit. With source pressures as high as 250 bar this warrants serious consideration and use of components of high integrity. A pressure regulator that can maintain the down stream pressure at a constant set limit irrespective of up stream fluctuations, becomes an ideal choice.  On closing fully, the regulator should ensure zero flow condition and should withstand the total upstream pressure.  A built-in safety valve in this pressure regulator makes the unit full proof.  Simple pressure reducing devices are not adequate as regulation of pressure is equally important. For high pressure reduction and regulation, piston type pressure regulators need to be used.

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Pressure Regulator is far superior than Pressure Reducer, as the latter doesn't provide for regulation. As per GDCD code 234, Sample Pressure Regulation shall be achieved by using a staineless steel pressure regulating device located in the system after the sample cooler. It shall be rated for maximum inlet pressure equivalent to that at the sampling point and shall be capable of adjustment for outlet pressures of 1 to 3 bar. We offer Pressure Regulator which provides pressure reduction as well as regulation. This feature is crucial for ensuring steady sample conditions for analysis