Back Pressure Regulator

Sampling System - Back Presssure Regulator
Like the pressure regulator maintains downstream pressure at constant irrespective of upstream fluctuations, the back pressure regulator works exactly in reverse fashion. It maintains upstream pressure at constant. This feature is very useful in maintaining the flow characteristics of sample flowing to the analysers. One of the important requirements of sampling system design is the sample flow regulation. Back pressure regulator ensures priority flow to all the analysers and maintains the flow characteristics of sample at constant level.
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After the pressure regulator, the sample is distributed to several analyzers. Also there is provision of distribution of this sample to various analyzers down the line. Some sample flow is also made available for Grab sampling for the lab person. Although the pressure regulator is giving uniform pressure output, the flow characteristics to different analyzers can get changed in absence of a Back Pressure Regulator (BPRV). If BPRV is not present, the sample would flow to grab sample line thus creating imbalance in flow to analyzers. Some analyzers may thus give false alarms of 'No flow' condition.

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