Sample Filter

Sampling System - Sample Filter
The majority of on-line analyzers available, are for dissolved solids or volatile species and the presence of unwanted particulate matter can be damaging, both to the instrumentation and to certain components in the sampling system, such as pressure-reducing valves, capillaries or solenoid valves.  For many applications, all that is required is a small high-pressure filter with a sintered stainless steel element.  However, for plants with a high particulate burden, larger stainless or alloy steel high-pressure Y-filters may be necessary and these can be supplied with integral valves to permit regular cleaning without dis-assembly.
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1)  Removeable cap - makes it easy to clean
2)  Die cast body - makes it sturdy
3)  Fine filter element - 40 micron rating - can filter all suspended matter that can be harmful for the system analyzers