Cation Column

Sampling System - Cation Column
The duplex type cation conductivity column is a field proven Forbes Marshall (FM) design. The cation conductivity measurements are considered to be more reliable than ordinary conductivity measurements,
as this method ensures elimination of masking effects of desired chemicals used in treating the water. This provides a more realistic picture of dissolved impurities in the sample. The FM cation column is easy to operate, regenerate & maintain. With back-up support from FM, one can be assured of reliable results.
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Cation exchanger is extremely beneficial in finding out exact effect of dissolved impuririties. In any power plant, different treatment chemicals are added for water treatment purpose. These add to the conductivity, hence making effect of dissolved impurities on conductivity difficult to measure. Cation exchanger removes effects of these treatment chemicals. Hence the conductivity measured after the cation exchanger is the real, accurate & reliable method of measuring conductivity. Forbes Marshall cation conductivity columns are specially designed to cater to these requirements with fine grade of cation resins