Stop and Check (NRV)Valves (Hand Operated/Motor Operated)

 Stop Valve & Check Valves - High Pressure Stop cum Check Valve
Unique Feature

•    Non Rotating Stem design.
•    Rising Stem non rising hand wheel .
•    Roller Burnishing of Stem in Gland Packing section.
•    Guided Disc when Hand wheel  is operated.
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Advantages due to Unique Feature: 
•    Non Rotating  feature ensures that the disc does not rotate when the disc sits on the valve seats. It also prevents damage to seat due to entrapped solid such as pipe scales or entrapped solid due to any possible  excess effort  by the operator on hand wheel to ensure tightness at seat.
•    Non Rising Hand wheel is ideal for use in areas where space between pipes is limited.
•    Roller Burnishing in Gland packing section gives a mirror finish to the spindle and helps reduce ware and tare of the gland packing. Effort required to operate the valve reduces due to reduced friction at the gland packing section due to this feature.

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