Electric to Pneumatic Transducers (I/P Converter)

Electric to Pneumatic Transducers (I/P Converter)
Its rugged construction provides the end-user with a very reliable current to pressure conversion at a very high accuracy and reproducibility. The design of the I/P Converter incorporates a basic purging in the electronics chamber thereby making the I/P inherently safe. The I/P’s unique nozzle seat with a buoyant force balanced mechanism ensures a very low long-term drift.  This directly helps increasing the uptime of the instrument.  Lower components count enables easy and a faster method of cleaning the I/P a direct advance to the maintenance people. 
These I/Ps are manufactured at our works in Pune, India and we have reached a high level of indignization thereby giving us a competitive edge for technical and spares supports as well as immediate deliveries for urgent cases.
These I/P Converters are approved by Consultants like Udhe India Ltd. and are also being used by Giant users like Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Khanna Paper Mills, Hindustan Paper Corporation, NTPC, Essar Steel, Rama Newsprints etc.  Further we have also rate-contract with OEMs like Thermax, Zeus Automators, Cethar Vessels, Entech Consultancy, Unicorn Industries etc.

Features -
  • No feeble flapper nozzle design – no possibility of misalignment and frequent calibration.
  • Larger nozzle diameter – no choking
  • Sealed coil housing – eliminates any dust ingress ensuring minimum possibility of coil failure
  • No vibration effect  (±0.3%)
  • No RFI/EMI Protection needed
  • Lower component count – assembly time and servicing time less than others.
  • Easy cleaning without disassembly
  • Best performance specifications.
Benefits Specifications Application Technical Documentation
  • High Signal Sensitivity for demanding applications or precise signal conversion.
  • Simplified design ensures simplified operation.
  • Rugged, NEMA construction, with insensitivity to shock, vibration and supply pressure variations accommodate operation in harsh industrial environments.
  • Light weight design in Aluminium.