Sample Extraction Probes

Special Products - Sample Extraction Probes
The first important component in the sampling system is the sample extraction probe. The correct choice of probe should never be over looked, since the validity of analysis will be questionable, if representative samples are not withdrawn. Being directly attached to the process pipe work, the probe may be subject to severe service conditions, and for most applications, this item is manufactured to the stringent codes applicable to high pressure, high temperature pipe work. The type of probe to be used will depend on the process stream parameter to be measured, the required sample flow rate and the position of the sampling point in the system

As a general rule, when sampling from pipes for suspended solids, one of the various types of isokinetic probes is used. This class of probe is designed to ensure that the sample enters the port(s) at the same velocity as the main process stream, thus reducing kinetic segregation of suspended particles to a minimum. Recent studies by the CEGB (Central Electricity Generation Board, UK) reveal that a more important factor in obtaining representative particulate samples may be the maintenance of a sufficiently high transport velocity in the sample line to prevent hideout of the suspended species. The isokinetic probe is in demand these days for these applications. Isokinetic probes may be of single port, multiport or capillary types, and should be installed with the port(s) facing upstream into the oncoming flow.
Product Benefits Product Specifications Applications Technical Documentation Features
1) Extracts steam isokinetically i.e. extracts all impurities in line.
2) Avoids sample contamination during extraction.
3) Ensures true representative sample for accurate analysis in parts per billion (ppb) level.