Utility Automation Module

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The general trend which is found in the bulk drug/API plants is that the condensate is drained due to the fear of contamination. This contamination occurs as a result of usage of various utilities like brine, chilled water, cooling water, and steam in the same jacket and if sent to the boiler feed water might scale its tubes.

The actual fact is that all the condensate in the reactor jacket does not get contaminated and it’s only a part of it. The cooling utilities left in the jacket gets mixed up with the incoming steam and as a result a part of the condensate gets contaminated.

 Utility Automation Module system recovers the condensate only at the right temperature (set point given).This will ensure that the initial condensate which is contaminated is drained and the pure condensate at the right temperature (Eg. 90’C) is recovered and sent to the boiler feed water tank thus increasing the feed water temperature drastically.

•    Increased energy efficiency
•    Reduces the overall fuel bill due to increased feed water temperature.