Steam Operated Condensate Pump

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Every 6 Deg. C. rise in feed water temperature results in 1% of fuel savings. In order to keep energy requirements minimum, it is important that condensate is handled efficiently and energy from the condensate is recovered.

Recovering condensate leads to many benefits such as reduced fuel and water bills, lower water treatment costs etc. and hence, condensate should be recovered.

The Forbes Marshall Pressure Powered Pump Packaged Unit is designed to pump condensate without electricity, using just 3 kg of steam per ton of condensate. The unit comes along with a condensate recovery meter- to give real time calculations of energy recovered and insulation jackets which further improve the efficiency of the entire system.

The compact version eliminates the need for a separate storage tank by placing it within the pump itself. The Pressure powered pump can pump condensate at higher temperatures and pressure.

1. Pumps condensate at 100 Deg. C. plus.
2. Tested for 1 million cycles
3. Works on steam/air
4. Recovers 50 to 50,000 kg/hr of condensate.
5. A complete package unit with reciever, motive steam line and check valve at outlet with complete skid.


1.    Lower cost of operation and higher amount of heat recovered, compared to centrifugal pumps.
2.    Due to its capacity to pump condensate at 100 Deg. C. plus high feed water temperature can be achieved which in terms eliminates the use of water treatment chemicals to drive off the dissolved gases.