What is SWAS?

SWAS stands for Steam & Water Analysis System. This system is useful for Power Plants that run on steam. The quality of steam that is used by these power plants is of utmost importance – it is like monitoring cholesterol in human body. Various contaminants that might exist in steam can prove very harmful to the turbine, to the boiler, to the piping etc. SWAS effectively monitors these parameters (such as pH, Conductivity, Silica, Sodium, Phosphates, Dissolved Oxygen etc.) and thus helps in maintaining healthy operation of a power plant. In all power plants in India that work with more than 90% efficiency – you will always find a well engineered, well maintained SWAS. A typical SWAS comprises of (A)  a Sample Conditioning System (some call it Sampling System) where the Temperature, Pressure & Flow of sample if conditioned and regulated and (B) an analyzer panel where all the on-line analyzers are located. The sensors of these analyzers receive the sample conditioned by the sample conditioning system and send signals to analyzers. The analyzers in turn send these signals to respective parameters in 4 to 20mA signal which is finally delivered to the plant DSC or PLC