Pressure Reducing & Desuperheating Stations

Forbes Marshall has the knowledge and expertise to enable you to select the right pressure and temperature control solution for your specific need. Forbes Marshall control valves and Desuperheaters are available with various options to suit a client's requirement.

We offer customized solutions with total system end to end station with all necessary mechanical and instrumentation components and take guarantee of entire control system.
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Recommendations for efficient working of PRDS

• Minimum straight length at outlet should be 4 mtrs.
• Minimum distance of Temperature Sensor from the point of water injection should be 10 to 12 mtrs.
• Minimum distance of Pressure Sensor from PRDS Valve should be 1.5mtrs.
• It is recommended to install a strainer of 0.8 mm mesh before water control valve.
• Spray water should be very clean (equivalent to boiler feedwater).
• Instrument quality air is required.
Minimum water pressure  requirement for Combined PRDS:
• Top entry  :  Pw = [(P1+P2)/2 ] + 7 BAR
• Bottom entry through stem :  Pw = P2 + 7
• Bottom entry through nozzle :  Pw = [P1 / 2 ] + 7 BAR
1  Minimum controllable temperature is Saturation Temperature + 7°C.
2 The above are based on a specific set of parameters. These guidelines may change.