Angle Type Pressure Reducing & Desuperheating Station

Combined angle type pressure reducing and desuperheating station
These are suitable for High pressure Turbine bypass and HP / LP bypass applications. We offer the same with various sizes, material and pressure class. This ensures required pressure and temperature drop.

• As this system itself acts as bypass system for turbine, no bypass is required for this system again.
• If condensers are equipped with safety devices like rupture discs then no extra safety devices like safety valves are necessary.
Requirements Features
Requirements of Turbine Bypass System:

• Protection of Condenser against excessive Pressure & Temperature.
• Partial Bypass to maintain steady upstream pressure when Turbine runs back to house load.
• Efficient matching of steam & turbine metal temperatures during cold, warm & hot start up cycles.
• To prevent boiler pressure fluctuations in case of Turbine trip or load rejection.
• To avoid the lifting of HP safety relief valve & condensate loss.
• Cooling of final superheating in case of falling pressure application.
• Controlled pressure build up during start up operation or in the event of Turbine Trip.