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Solid Waste Management Project

Forbes Marshall has partnered with Institute of Natural Organic Agriculture (INORA) to implement an integrated Solid Waste Management Plan at Savardari, Chakan. Under this project, we have created a Framework for Waste to address the overall issues related to waste. The goal of waste management, units units of planning, importance of phasing and criteria has been used to select pilot Gram Panchayats and focus on scaling up a participatory approach to waste management.

Goatery Development Project

In 2017 we launched a Goatery Development Project, in association with BAIF Development Research Foundation, in ten villages of Chakan. The aim is to enhance goat rearing practices thereby enhancing income levels of the goat keepers whose only asset is the goat livestock. The goat keepers are mainly tribals from the Thakar community, who are following traditional practices for rearing.