Silver Jubilee celebration - Customer meet - Sri Lanka

Forbes Marshall Lanka Ltd. organised its silver jubilee celebrations on Friday, 12 January, at Waters Edge, Battaramulla. The theme of the program was how Forbes Marshall began the operation in Sri Lanka and how it conquered almost the entire Sri Lankan industry.

Forbes Marshall Co-Chairman Farhad Forbes welcomed the gathering and thanked all the customers for making the Forbes Marshall journey of 25 years in Sri Lanka a success. He also elucidated the value of the Sri Lankan business globally, as well as illustrated Forbes Marshall’s expectations to utilise Sri Lanka as a global knowledge and services hub for Forbes Marshall.

Forbes Marshall Board Member and International Business Director Sunil Badami said that the Sri Lanka business was very successful over the years. The key drivers for this success were the innovative products and services offered to the Sri Lankan customers. The commitment of Forbes Marshall to not only provide products but turnkey solutions has made it a leading brand in the island for steam engineering and process automation. He warmly thanked the 500 customers for participating in the 25-year journey and for attending the seminar.

Badami went on to talk about the achievements of Forbes Marshall, which include having the world’s largest steam trap manufacturing facility, and as well as having Asia’s second largest flow metre calibration test rig. He also applauded the Forbes Marshall Lanka team for their brilliant and timely execution of projects in Pakistan, Myanmar and Maldives as well as for the goodwill and trust that they have generated among their customers.

Forbes Marshall Director Rati Forbes also spoke about Forbes Marshall’s contribution on the CSR front, emphasising on the donation of water pumps to flood-affected tea factories in Sri Lanka and the huge impact that it made in sustaining livelihoods. She spoke about the women and child empowerment activities Forbes Marshall is currently undertaking in the India and said it hoped to start something similar in Sri Lanka as well.

Forbes Marshall then displayed three of its new products that have been introduced in the Sri Lankan market – the flash jet pump for condensate and flash recovery in the process industry, the vibration monitoring system for the power, process, water and waste water industry and the multi-fuel dart boiler for the process industry.

Sri Lanka and Maldives Operations Manager Loshan Palayangoda gave a detailed outline of each of the three new products that Forbes Marshall had introduced. The first product, the ‘flash jet pump’, helps recover condensate and flash steam at the equipment level in steam utilising areas. It also reduces the space foot print of conventional condensate and flash recovery system and enhances its reliability.

The second product, the vibration monitoring system, is a cost-effective condition monitoring solution which enhances the reliability of plants and machineries. The Forbes Marshall vibration monitoring system is compatible to install on any scale of motors, pumps, machine bearings, power turbine and generators. 

The third product, the multi fuel dart boiler, runs on wood, saw dust, rice husk and other agro-waste, waste fabric, coconut shells, WWT sludge, etc. This specially-designed boiler has an intelligent combustion manager for feeding, and combustion controls that operate at a higher efficiency and higher turn down ratio.

The event ended with an expert panel discussion on the topic ‘Future of the Sri Lankan Manufacturing Industry’ Moderated by Forbes Marshall Co-Chairman Dr. Naushad Forbes, the panellists included Feroz Omar, Director, Brandix Industries (Sri Lanka’s leading apparel solutions company), Ariyaseela Wickramanayake, Founder Chairman, Master Divers (which created a landmark area of activity in the shipping industry) and Pelwatta Dairies industries, Ananda Caldera, Executive Director, Global Rubber Industries Ltd. (third-largest solid tyre manufacturer in Sri Lanka) and Farhad Forbes, Co-Chairman, Forbes Marshall.

The panel spoke about the future of the Sri Lanka industry in terms of its garment and textile sector, its rubber sector and its dairy sector. They also explained how some more value addition needed to be undertaken in Sri Lanka in order to minimise the export of raw material.

The program was well attended by more than 500 eminent customers from various industry segments.

Forbes Marshall is a leader in process efficiency and energy conservation for process industry, with over seven decades of experience building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions. Its unique complementary expertise enables it to engineer customised systems that improve manufacturing processes, conserve energy and are environmentally sustainable. It offers its customers a comprehensive range of services, products and solutions for utilities and process control.

Forbes Marshall is present in over 50 locations globally, with five manufacturing facilities. It has over 40,000 sq. metres of factory space in four locations at Pune and Hyderabad. The newest is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Chakan, spread over 50 acres. Its knowledge, innovative solutions, reliable products and global presence make it a trusted partner.

It reaches the market through a technical direct-sales approach of daily contact with customers across industry.  Forbes Marshall values every industrial customer, right from a regional food-processor and garment factory, to the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer products and the world’s largest refineries.

Over 700 engineers, located in five continents, give Forbes Marshall technical depth and breadth, with 150,000 customer visits each year.

Forbes Marshall energy conservation audits, systems and customised solutions have been able to save energy and fuel costs for its customers. It designs and manufactures a wide range of advanced technology instrumentation for continuous stack emission monitoring, road tunnel atmosphere sensing, and plant safety equipment that is capable of meeting today’s tough environmental and legislative demands.

For 70 years, it has partnered with the process industry in providing solutions in process efficiency, energy conservation and environmental monitoring. Highly-skilled and dedicated engineers spend considerable time visiting process plants to identify solutions.

With focused investments in manufacturing, R&D and services, Forbes Marshall creates value for its stakeholders. It consistently brings new and innovative products to the market. Several of its products have received awards for innovation.

The Minimax modular boiler, the Effimax (a unique boiler efficiency monitoring system), the wireless trap monitoring system for remote monitoring of multi-location traps thermodynamic trap, two orifice float trap, distributed control system, thermo-compressor, and the electronic compound regulation burner operation and control system, stack analysers, vortex flow meter, the MAC (Master Air Controller) and Biosens, a revolutionary new analyser for instant BOD analysis, are examples of its cutting edge research and development. 

Forbes Marshall has had a strong presence in Sri Lanka since 1992, and is currently the market leader for steam boilers and accessories. Its control instrumentation systems are helping the industry with more economical solutions with high system reliability. It has helped to establish the steam engineering training centre in University of Peradeniya and is involved in several knowledge sharing sessions with Sri Lankan engineers.

Date: Thursday, 25 January 2018