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Disc Check Valves (Spring Loaded) FMDCV

The Forbes Marshall spring loaded disc check valve is of wafer pattern designed to be sandwiched between flanges and are compatible with both PN and ANSI flanges.
They are compact in design as compared to the conventional swing and lift type of disc check valves. These valves offer a tight shutoff and are available in a large range of sizes. 

  • Available in high-temperature springs, heavy duty springs, and spring-less configuration
  • Stainless steel, Viton or EPDM seats available as per the media in which the valves are used.
  • Use of disc check valves at right locations, such as outlet of a float trap in a closed discharge system can help avoid severe issues such as water logging in the process equipment.
  • Disc check valves can save costly equipment such as flowmeters, control valves and strainers which are susceptible to damage because of the backflow.