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Master Air Control (MAC)

The Forbes Marshall Master Air Control (MAC) is an energy saving control system for compressed air, which helps control the balance across the demand and supply sides. Compressors are protected from artificial demand and can cater only to base demand, resulting in savings on compressed air consumption. Furthermore, constant pressure is delivered to all plants and pneumatic equipment, increasing quality and productivity. 

Digitally Enabled
  • Accurate pressure control within 0.1 bar
  • Highly responsive to fine changes in demand
  • Historical trending of pressure
  • Auto set point changes as per shift timings
  • Optional connectivity to  SCADA /DCS 

  • Reduces artificial demand by implementing overall control 
  • Maintains the compressed air system at the optimum required pressure 
  • Minimises extra strain on generation units by reducing load and unload cycles
  • Decreases utility costs while increasing the lifespan of the overall system 
  • Fail-safe operation