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Microcon ER Series PLC

Microcon+ ER Series Process Logic Control (PLC) is an Industry-first IIoT ready platform suitable for equipment control. It can perform small and medium PLC functions such as data transmission, comparison, calculations, cycling, sub programme calling, network communication, soft-start, multiple layer nesting and medium-sized functions such as PID control.It can, not only perform closed loop analogue control over parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, but also motion control over position, speed and acceleration.
  • Built-in EEPROM. battery back-up not required
  • 4 ports – one RS485, two ethernet, one USB
  • RS485 Port + RS232 Port – modbus master connectivity
  • Serial display and keypad connectivity – RS232 interface
  • GSM modem connectivity (SMS) for critical alerts
  • Can handle bigger process applications with upto 50 PID control loops
  • Easy programming through IEC 61131-3
  • First platform to have a secured online download possible locally and remotely
  • Capability to build sequence flow charts for operator selection based process control
  • Possibility of online event monitoring via web server