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VibTrans Dual Channel

VibTrans, is the latest technology for maintaining safety in large industrial rotating machines. Until now, plant maintenance was performed according to the Time Based Maintenance system (TBM), that is, preventive maintenance. The schedule was set up, based on OEM manuals, or time- based on MTBF or analysing data based on past failures.

Digitally Enabled
  • Modules for a wide range of inputs:-Accelerometer, velocity Sensors.
  • Communication overall values to PLC/DCS, 4-20mA Output isolated , Relay Output , Buffered Output, Modbus Output, Modbus Output-Optional.
  • Simple, Cost effective solution for bearing housing/Casing vibration Monitoring for power, steel, cement, oil &gas, Fertilizers & Process plants on-pump, Fan, Motor, Gear Box, crusher, Blower applications.
  • Monitoring option-Field Mount/Panel Mount Type. 
  • Single/ Dual Channel monitor and transmitter
  • Selectable parameters for measurement- velocity/displacement
  • Selectable measuring ranges
  • Relay o/p available as option
  • Modbus o/p available as option