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The SteamHUBTM is the ideal steam application tool, designed to offer you calculations ranging right across the steam and condensate loop. In addition, it offers useful technical data and acts a means to connect to Forbes Marshall. Equipped with steam tables and unit conversions, SteamHUBTM acts as your ideal solution provider for all your steam related needs. The user friendly interface ensures that it is easy to navigate through the app, and makes it perfect for steam engineers to use on the go. Forbes Marshall prides itself on being an expert in the field of steam and instrumentation.




Boiler Efficiency

F&A Rating

Fuel Consumption

Boiler Blowdown

Feed Tank Calculations

Fuel Properties





Steam Distribution

Pipe Sizing

PRS Sizing

Startup Losses

Running Losses

Heating Load

Steam Leak

Steam Quality

Valve Selection

Valve Kv

Trap Selection

Condensate Recovery

Flash Steam

Condensate Pipe Sizing

Fuel Savings - Flash Recovery

Fuel Savings - Condensate Recovery







Steam Tables

Saturated Steam Table

Superheated Steam Table

Unit Conversions



Technical Tools

IP Ratings

Fluid Velocities

Standard Pipe Specifications

Material Specifications

Volume and Surface Area