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Forbes Marshall Canada has been active in Canada for more than a decade with an extensive installed base of products, which include but are not limited Flow Meters, Desuperheaters, Control Valves, and Steam and Water Analysis Systems. Our wide range of steam and control instrumentation solutions, are well suited to address almost every industry vertical across Canada. We have partnered with a broad range of sites, ranging from hospitals in British Columbia to universities in Manitoba and Ontario; to power plants in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Our range of products is expanding to include Steam Traps, Steam operated pump traps, Condensate Pumps, Moisture separators, Pressure regulators, Manifolds, Heat Exchange Systems, and Condensate Recovery Systems, which are stocked in Southern Ontario by Forbes Marshall.

We are uniquely posted to offer solutions in Steam and controls for any problems you may face in your process or utilities.

With an emphasis on the steam and condensate loop, our certified energy auditors and plant surveyors work in partnership with end-users to provide recommendations for improvements in efficiencies, increased reliability, improved uptime and maintenance of safety protocols.

Please contact our local Forbes Marshall office and we shall be glad to work with you to solve your steam, process and controls problem.

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