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Burner (Oil and Gas)

The ECR (Electronic Compound Regulation) burner operation, efficiency monitoring and control system from Forbes Marshall is the smartest offering in burners. This innovative product provides end to end solutions for monitoring and controlling boilers to the optimum efficiency, at any load and at any time.

The ECR burner system is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen display which enhances the usability of the system. The system also provides Modbus output, which enables all boiler data to be displayed and logged onto the connected computer using proprietary software.

  • Air/ Fuel ratio control and setting - The ECR burner control system has separate servo motors for air/ oil modulation and an electro-pneumatic system for gas modulation.
  • Precise oil temperature control - The PLC based controller with accurate temperature helps achieve this, thereby ensuring more precise and uniform oil temperature.
  • Smooth start up for gas firing 
  • Valve proving system  
  • Safety solenoid valve
  • Pressure switches - High pressure switches for oil supply and return line ensure that oil pressure never exceeds the set value. 
  • Easy Maintenance & Hinge Design.
  • Boiler and burner perfect match, resulting in a higher turndown
  • Digital control of A:F ratio to achieve consistent stack oxygen over the operating range.
  • Ratiotronics on Gas
  • Ease of tuning and commissioning of burner parameters
  • History of failures and alarms to trace necessary corrections in operating practices.
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