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Chiller Package Brightchill Series
In SWAS systems, chillers are required to cool the sample further to the standard temperature of 25°C, prior to online analysis and grab sample collection, which ensures repeatable, accurate and sensitive results of on-line analyzers for parameters like pH, Conductivity, Sodium, Chloride etc. Usually, primary cooling is done by using available cooling water in the plant, and final cooling (secondary cooling) is achieved by using chilled water from the chiller.
  • 100% redundant chilled water pumps with suction and discharge pressure gauges
  • Chilled water circulation pump suitable for continuous operation with 100% standby facility
  • Storage tank automatic water makeup with manual bypass facility
  • Temperature trip with an indication
  • DX shell and tube type heat exchanger (that meets ASTM requirements)
  • Precise control of temperature
  • Heat exchangers designed as per ASTM requirements
  • Every chiller package is supplied in a fully charged condition, thus reducing commissioning time and cost substantially
  • Compact and customized options available by using plate-type, immersed coil evaporators
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