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CoolMAX Series Sample Cooler
Forbes Marshall brings you the “CoolMAX” series, a range of compact heat exchangers with wide-ranging benefits. These offer high heat transfer rates, low pressure drops, close approach temperatures with minimal cooling water requirements. High turbulence of fluids ensures self cleaning and longer life of the product.
  • Available in different materials to suit process conditions like multiphase slurries and petrochemical mixtures.
  • Electro-polished models (Ra<0.6 micrometer) are available for pharmaceutical applications
  • Fully drainable inner and outer tubes.
  • Rugged design, highly resistant to thermal and hydraulic shocks.
  • Single continuous tube to avoid leaks.
  • High heat transfer rates.
  • Very close approach temperature - up to 2°C
  • More compact due to increased overall heat transfer coefficient.
  • Suitable for high heat duty application.
  • Minimal cooling water requirement.
  • Suitable for low flow rates at high pressure/high temperature applications.
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