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CountAIR is a complete network monitoring solution that helps keep track of compressed air networks in real time, from air compressors to utility points. It enables plant managers take complete control of the compressed air network and make well informed decisions on managing energy consumption. 

  • Real-time specific compressor and machine data
  • Historical trends for each area / unit available with graphs
  • Real-time, user selectable alarms
  • Real-time compressor efficiency monitoring

  • Gives an overall plant demand overview
  • Monitors unaccounted loss in air lines
  • Benchmarking  of consumption allows you to track your air system efficiency.
  • Real-time specific compressor and machine data
  • Deviations of any machine or area from its trend line and rated consumption
  • An overall plant demand overview
  • All necessary information to save and control
  • Unaccounted losses in the system
  • Historical trends of each area/unit with graphs
  • Benchmarks for the system
  • Alarms when demand spikes in any area
  • Real time, user selectable alarms
  • Intelligent or user-defined benchmarks for generation and consumption
  • Real-time compressor efficiency monitoring
  • Linking with existing DCS or SCADA