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Deaerator Head (FMDH)

Forbes Marshall Deaerator Head is designed to rigorously mix cold makeup water, condensate return and flash steam. The unique design of Forbes Marshall Deaerator heads ensures thorough mixing and maximum deaeration. It is easy to install and the stainless steel construction guarantees a long and maintenance free life.
  • Recovering condensate and flash steam through a de-aerator head reduces fuel bills substantially by raising the feedwater temperature.
  • Helps reduce the water treatment costs by driving off the dissolved gases.
Q: What is a deaerator head?
A: A deaerator head is a device that removes dissolved gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide from the water used in oil and gas fired boilers.

Q: Why is it important to remove dissolved gases from the water used in boilers?
A: Dissolved gases can cause corrosion and scaling in the boiler and associated piping, which can lead to reduced efficiency, equipment failure, and costly repairs.

Q: How does a deaerator head work?
A: A deaerator head works by heating the water and exposing it to steam in a low-pressure environment. This process causes the dissolved gases to be released from the water, which are then vented out of the system.