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Forbes Marshall Pipeline Connectors FMPC

Forbes Marshall Pipeline Connectors reduce plant downtime and maintenance costs while conforming to pertinent environment and pollution norms. During maintenance of a steam trap, the time taken to replace or repair the trap depends on how easily the trap can be removed from the pipeline.
  • Single integral assembly
  • Zero welds
  • Lightweight
  • Quick installation
  • Leak proof design: Integral piston valves are used for upstream, downstream, trap de-pressurization, trap test and by-pass operations making the system leak-proof with positive shut-off. Traditional steam trapping assemblies require many joints between the traps and the isolation valves which are potential leak paths. The unique design and construction of pipeline connectors make them leak proof. 
  • Enhanced Safety: Trap de-pressurization piston valve offers a great advantage in terms of safety. It protects the operator from the direct contact with steam by venting out steam trapped between the trap and upstream isolation valve, when the trap is required to be removed or replaced. 
  • Reliable life cycle: Traditional isolation valves are difficult to maintain and prone to gland leakage and inline leakage. Piston valves which are integral to pipeline connectors ensure a reliable life cycle of the entire assembly.