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H250 M40
The H250 all-metal variable area flowmeters cover the entire range of requirements of the process industry. The modular device design and flexible production structure form the basis for application and customer-based device versions.
The basis of the H250 M40 is its purely mechanical design. Additional electronic modules can be added or replaced at any time without interrupting the process. This way, the functionality of the device adapts to any changed requirements. From analogue flow measurement without auxiliary power up to digital integration into a fieldbus system.
• Simple, low-cost installation: Measurement and indication without auxiliary power supply
• Universal Ex concept: Ex i and Ex d
• Modular scalability –from mechanical to fieldbus
• Any installation position: vertical upward, horizontal, vertical downward
• Robust measuring tube construction for high process temperatures and extreme operating pressures
• Choice of material: Stainless steel, hastelloy®, titanium, Monel, PTFE/TFM etc.
• Many connection variants: flanged, screwed, clamped, weld-on ends etc.
• Extended measuring span: up to 100 : 1
• High application safety, even with extremely low flows
• Nitrogen inerting to avoid explosive atmospheres
• Measurement of additives such as catalysts,tensides, anti foaming and anti-corrosion agents
• Measurement of chlorine, sulphur and ethylene compounds
• Measurement of distilled or demineralised water
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Doc Type : Technical Information Sheets(TIS)
Document : TD_H250-M40.pdf
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