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Marshall C Series Packaged Boilers

Marshall C Boiler are three pass, wet back, fully packaged boilers, equipped with monobloc burners to deliver high combustion and thermal efficiencies.

This range comprises of packaged boilers from 6 TPH to 25 TPH, designed to fire liquid and gaseous fuels, the most common being furnace oil and natural gas.

The true three-pass design ensures efficient heat transfer and low flue gas exit temperatures for high thermal efficiencies. Our boilers are manufactured with latest submerged arc fabrication technology to ISO 9001, IBR standards and are easy to maintain and inspect. Combined with Forbes Marshall’s steam equipment and related instrumentation, you get more than a boiler, you get efficiently generated steam.

  • High heat transfer area, water hold-up capacity and steam space. 
  • Smart control system enabled with a touch screen control panel. 
  • Equipped with high turndown monoblock or dual block burner. 
  • Completely packaged, shipped with essential control cabling. 
  • Single element ensures fine drum level control.