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Monitor AMI CACE

A complete monitoring system for automatic, continuous measurement of conductivity before (specific/total conductivity) and after a cation exchanger with electro deionisation (acid/cation conductivity).
  • Simultaneous measurement and display of both conductivities, pH, alkalising reagent, sample temperature and sample flow
  • Temperature compensation preset for strong acids but a wide range of others selectable for other sample conditions
  • Two current outputs (0/4 - 20 mA) for measured signals (3rd as option)
  • Complete system mounted on stainless steel panel:
  • Transmitter AMI CACE in a rugged aluminum enclosure (IP66)
  • Swan sensor UP-Con1000-SL two 2-electrode conductivity sensors with slot-lock design and integrated Pt100 temperature probe, k = 0.04 cm-1
  • Quick sensor release with patented slot-lock de-sign. EDI-Module with exchangeable sample chamber module and automatic deaeration.
  • Factory tested, ready for installation and operation
This is a product of SWAN Analytical Instruments. Forbes Marshall is an official distributor of SWAN products..