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Platinum Resistance Thermometer Sensors (RTD)

The Platinum Resistance Thermometer Sensor (RTD) is a temperature sensor containing a resistive temperature sensitive element. The resistance of the element changes with the temperature. For measuring within a range of -50 to 400 Deg C, platinum sensors are the most commonly used RTD sensors. Sensor elements made of platinum are normally produced for 100 OHM at 0 Deg C, described as PT100.

  • Compliance to IEC-60751
  • Temperature range -50 to + 400 Deg C
  • High insulation resistance (>100 m OHM @ 500 VDC at 250 Deg C)
  • Mineral insulated construction customised to suit the installation without affecting performance
  • Available in a variety of sheath materials and diameters
  • Spring loaded design for positive contact with thermowell
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