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SS Case Electric Contact Pressure Gauge(EP)
EP model contact pressure gauges with electrical contacts are suitable for controlling and regulating process sequences. The contact opens and closes electrical circuits in relation to the position of the pointer on the pressure gauge.
  • Compliance to latest EN837-1
  • Nominal sizes: 100 and 150 MM
  • Standard ranges: -1 to 0 kg/cm² and 0 to 1 up to 700 kg/cm²
  • Overload capacity 130 % of FSD without contact
  • 100% with contact
  • Protection to IP65
  • Accuracy class ±1% of FS (contact accuracy 2.5%)
  • Usage in very low gauge pressure and Vacuum range
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Zero Adjustable
  • Accuracy class 2,0% of FS Standard
  • Casing, Stainless Steel 304 Standard