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The Forbes Marshall SafetyMax ensures that in case of a breach of any safety parameter, the right people are alerted. It can track and analyse safety breaches in a boiler and helps make the boiler as safe as possible. The system incorporates all critical safety aspects of a boiler. SafetyMax provides continuous monitoring of all critical boiler parameters, safety diagnostics, alarms, trips and SMS alerts.

Digitally Enabled
  • 24x7 online safety management 
  • Audio video alarms 
  • Boiler trips on crossing safety limits 
  • GSM alert messages for alarms/trip 
  • Live and historical trends for analysis 
  • Web connectivity with mobile app 
  • Enhanced safety of boiler house and boiler personnel 
  • Improved uptime & enhanced boiler life 
  • SafetyMax can be combined with EffiMax for efficiency­cum-safety benefits 
  • Caters to safety norms set by the authority. 
  • SafetyMax reports help utility managers/ plant heads to evaluate the safety audit satisfactorily