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This sophisticated yet simple to use SafetyMax system operates online, continuously monitoring the boiler every instant of its operation and providing the user with critical safety interlocks and controls.
  • Monitoring of critical drum level.
  • Monitoring of critical drum pressure
  • Safety trip over-ride of critical drum level and pressure.
  • Boiler feed water tank Level recording and related interlocking
  • Stack temperature recording and related interlocking,
  • Boiler Drum T.D.S monitoring and related interlocking.
  • It logs the required data and generates graphic and text reports for the boiler operator and the management automatically to analyze boiler performance at a glance.

  • A supervisory system that connects all the instrumentation on the SCADA software and can give commands remotely to start and stop the boiler. The control is local + remote.
  • The supervisory system inspects all the critical safety-related instrumentation and gives one complete picture of the safety of the boiler operation.