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Swas in Shelter
Forbes Marshall Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS) is designed to keep you in power. SWAS assures the safety of your boiler and turbines, by taking and analysing up to a dozen samples from all the water and steam circuits. In today's supercritical power plants, sample conditions as high as
600 Degree C and 300 bar are quite common. The Forbes Marshall SWAS
can easily take care of these samples. 
  • Turnkey containerized system
  • HVAC system designed as per heat load
  • Fully insulated for low HVAC cost
  • Fire retardant materials
  • Canopy for doors
  • Completely factory integrated and tested SWAS
  • Reduces the on-site civil work
  • Ensures flexibility in plant design
  • Backed up by the largest and most experienced SWAS supplier from India
  • HVAC system designed as per heat load
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