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Total Suspended Solids Analyser FMTSS Mx(E)

The Total Suspended Solids Analyser FMTSS-Mx(E) is best suited for high level measurements with EPA Compliance.

Digitally Enabled
  • 90 degree scattered light method :The TSS sensor of the FMTSS-Mx (E) uses the 90 degree scattered light method, a global EPA standard.
  • Sapphire glass optical windows: The optical windows are made of hard to the scratch sapphire glass. This facilitates scrubbing of the window surface to keep the TSS sensor clean.
  • Built-in wiper cleaning system: The built-in wiper cleaning system easily keeps the lenses clean.
  • Compact design: The compact design makes installation easy.

  • Potable water
  • Filter efficiency and backwash
  • Surface water monitoring of lakes, rivers and streams
  • Water recycle and discharge
  • Plant effluent and offsite water