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VA 40 VA 45
The variable area flowmeter VA40 is suitable for measuring liquids and gases from 1 to several thousand litres per hour. It is used to indicate and monitor flow rates in all types of basic applications up to max.10 barg / 145 psig operating pressure and +100°C / +212°F product temperature.
  • Simple flow indication without power supply
  • Visual product check (e.g. free from bubbles, colour)
  • Can be used for liquids and gases
  • Flow control with MIN/MAX limit monitoring
  • Analog measuring signal for recording and control purposes
  • ATEX approval for hazardous areas
  • Gas measurement for industrial furnaces, thermal process plants, during inertisation
  • Protective gas measurement
  • Cooling and heating circuits
  • Rinse processes
Language : English
Doc Type : Technical Information Sheets(TIS)
Document : TD_VA40_45.pdf