Vibration Monitoring Division

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With Shinkawa Electric Company, Japan, Forbes Marshall has an alliance for vibration monitoring systems that provide complete early warning systems for potential problems in turbines and other rotating equipment. Shinkawa products are manufactured  in Japan and have applications in process plants such as power, refinery, fertilizer, steel, cement, and paper.

Forbes Marshall Shinkawa vibration monitoring systems offer you the latest technology to maintain plant safety and asset protection, with reduced downtime and avoiding untimely shutdowns. Till recently, plant maintainance was predominantly time based and was preventive in nature. But with the advent of time, maintaining the systems with minimum cost and high throughput was emphasised. This introduced a new era of protection- Online vibration monitoring systems. Online systems are the need of hour today and offer the user indirect payback in the form of protection of critical machinery and reduced maintainance costs.

Vibration monitoring is essential to keeping rotating equipment running smoothly for years. Shinkawa Vibration Monitors are an indispensable complement to equipment like pumps, motors, fans, compressors, and turbine supervisory systems. Monitors are available in single channel, four channel or multichannel versions.