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VCEM 5100 Insitu Flue Gas Flow Monitor

The VCEM5100 represents the latest generation of unique flow monitors from Forbes Marshall. It provides non-contact measurement of gas velocity using a time-delay correlation of flue gas infrared emissions received by two detectors placed at a fixed distance apart. This technique is suitable for all combustion gases including hot gases and gases with a high dust burden.

Digitally Enabled
  • Lithium tantalite pyroelectric detectors 
  • Receiver separation is 0.5mtr to 1mtr
  • Pathlength is suitable for 0.5mtr to 15mtr of duct/stack diameter
  • Response time is less than 10 seconds
  • Overall drift Less than 0.1m/s per month

  • Non-contact measurement, suitable for hot, dusty and aggressive gases
  • Non-moving components
  • Low maintenance and high measurement availability
  • High and low span automated span checks
  • Local digital display and control unit