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For over 75 years, Forbes Marshall has been helping plants improve productivity, product quality and reduce energy consumption. We have established solutions across 30 industry segments for process quality and control, utility and process measurement, and steam engineering. This includes boilers, steam traps, control valves, water quality analysers, steam and water analysis systems, pollution monitoring systems, and flow metering.

We have a global presence with 6 world class manufacturing facilities. Our newest facility in Singapore caters to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand.


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On average we have been able to reduce the fuel bill across Textiles, Food and Beverage, Palm Refineries and Oleochemicals globally by 24%. Through specific actions we target key issues prevalent across Industry. For example, through our condensate and flash recovery initiative we improve and sustain the recovery factor. Similarly, at the equipment level, we resolve productivity bottlenecks and optimise energy consumption.

When addressing the needs of these industries in Indonesia, our Energy Benchmarking Study indicated that the potential for savings ranged from 25-50%. The best plant in the beverage sector consumes just half the amount of energy to produce a litre of beverage while the best textile plant consumes 25% less energy than an average plant.

Keeping this in mind, we conduct in-depth assessments of your plant and identify potential areas of improvement. Our customised solutions ensure energy savings while increasing productivity and reducing the impact the plant has on the environment. This includes water savings, and reduced carbon emissions (as indicated in the case studies highlighted). We aim to build long-term partnerships with our customers, collaborating to deliver and sustain the benefits provided, and empowering teams through knowledge sharing.


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